Welcome to our world!

by Joe on

I’d like to welcome everyone to our studio blog, where we’ll be discussing our cool ideas and upcoming games with the rest of the world!

We’ve been deep in development on Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame, our turn-based tactical strategy RPG, for quite a long time… and we’ve finally reached the point where we’d like to start showing it off and getting feedback from gamers.

Reptilis ThrasherOver the course of development we built up and tore down our core gameplay multiple times, destroyed and rebuilt the world, revamped our art style and aesthetics, and constantly tweaked the UI. Our mission has always been to build the strategy RPG that we’ve always wanted to play!

We’re really big fans of turn-based tactical games, and one thing that we’ve always wanted was to have a game with an extremely solid single player campaign, along with having a full competitive multiplayer experience to complement that. So that has been our goal with Empyrios.

On the single player side of things you can play through the campaign from the point of view of either faction, basically giving you two full campaigns to experience. Furthermore we have been crafting the campaigns to be fully dynamic, so both the choices you make and outcome of the battles you fight will ultimately change the story and how you progress.

Aduro InquisitorRegarding multiplayer we really focused on providing the best possible experience for both casual players as well as those who are highly competitive. To achieve this we’ve implemeted leagues, leaderboards, tournaments, and the ability to team up with friends and form alliances.

So whether you primarily play single or multiplayer, we have made sure that we provide you with the best possible experience, not just a bolt-on game mode. We’re also looking into a possible co-op game mode where other players can affect your campaign and join you in battle, although the design on that is still very early and we’re not sure if it will work out.

Well it is said that all good things must come to an end, and that includes initial blog posts. In the future we’ll be releasing more information on Empyrios detailing the gameplay, world, races, lore, multiplayer features, and asking for your thoughts and feedback.

Make sure to follow us on twitter, and like us on facebook, as we’ll be releasing new screenshots, videos, and information on Empyrios and we would love to hear what you think!

Thanks for checking us out!